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Drugs which men use during Intimacy were introduced mainly for the management of er£ctile dysfunction (ED). However, it also effective in men without ED. Asides its effectiveness, it’s important to know its side effects & contraindications.

Accoccording to HealthLine, drugs used for Intimacy often cause a drop in the body’s blood pressure. For this reason, commonly used drugs such as sidenafil (Viagra) are also prescribed for management of hypertension in the hospital.


Who shouldn’t use an ED drug?

According to WebMd, someone with any of the following conditions should avoid using drugs to these enhance strength during Intimacy:

1. Low blood pressure

2. Bent penis with erection

3. Visual disturbance, blurred vision, or any eye condition.

4. Chest pain or heart burn

5. Hearing loss or impairment

6 Heart attack

7. Sickle cell anemia (sickler)

8. Problem with food passing through the esophagus

9. Nasal congestion, even as “simple” as common cold (cattarh) or running nose.

10. Significant uncontrolled high blood pressure

Also, according to HealthLine, it should be avoided in people who take alcohol, grapefruit juice, & certain other medications.


In summary, before using a drug for the purpose of Intimacy, it is important to consider your health status. It is always best to talk to your doctor first.

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