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A lot of people have narrated their experiences in their failed relationships. But apart from suspicions and infidelity, you will observe that the relationship crashed due to a lack of certain elements which could have to strengthen the relationship if they were present.

There are certain things that keep a relationship strong and all of them had to be present in order to keep the relationship going. And if any of them is lacking, the relationship is at risk of breaking.

1. LOVE: it is the first and the core foundation of every strong relationship. The worst harm you can cause to yourself in a relationship is to date someone you do not love. Love keeps a relationship strong when it is mutual between partners.

2. COMMUNICATION: this aspect is unarguable. Good communication strengthens a relationship. It makes you and your partner feel connected to each other and gives you a sense of belonging in the relationship. A good communication system helps to suppress suspicions and in the other way, makes the feeling of affection you have for each other stronger. If you really want to keep your relationship strong, you must maintain good communication with your partner. Lack of good communication kills a relationship.

3. CARING: nothing kills a relationship more than selfishness. Caring keeps a relationship strong and makes your partner understand that you truly love him/her. In a relationship, the act of caring has to be reciprocated and should not come from one person alone. Love and caring work hand in hand, and you cannot love someone without caring for the person. Do not pretend like you cannot see your partner’s pains whereas it is obviously written all over her. Always help her out in her needs, and be a shoulder for her to lean on.


4. UNDERSTANDING: if there is no understanding in a relationship, the relationship will certainly not work, unless you want to hurt yourself then you can force yourself to condone the subsequent quarrels that may arise. When you and your partner do not understand each other, it is evidence that your relationship cannot work. No good relationship can be built in the absence of understanding. In other words, understanding is among the core foundation of a strong relationship. When there is an understanding between partners, quarrels hardly come. Understanding makes partners respect each other’s principles.

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