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Your skin is the largest organ in your body and nerve endings are spread all over it. Some areas have more of them and some have less, this is what makes some parts of your body more sensitive than others.

Here, a list of erogenous zones that can get your partner and you all sorts of turned on each and every day.

  1. The Nape Of The Neck

Though some people might get all Marie Antoinette about having their neck touched, neck kisses are almost always a turn on, according to the source. In fact, women ranked the nape of the neck above the breasts and nipples as an erogenous zone, according to a study published in the journal Cortex. If you combine the lips with the neck, it is quite a turn on.

  1. The Scalp

As anyone who is had a salon styling session knows, having someone touch your hair and scalp can be incredibly soothing. It can also be arousing, says Vrangalova.

Play with your partner’s hair, massage his or her scalp. Run your fingernails across it. See how your partner reacts.

  1. Behind The Knee

Why is the soft spot behind the knee erogenous, It is another nerve-rich area where we are not often touched.


It is a novelty because it is not where our friends or colleagues are touching us. Touching the back of the knees and leading up to the thighs is intimate and it gets you closer to the main attraction.

Try gently touching your partner behind the knees while he or she stands in front of you. Or message them there, alternating between deep pressure and a tickle.

  1. The Earlobe
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The sexiest part of the ear is the lobe, says McCombs.

That gesture where you are tucking the hair behind the ear feels quite intimate.

To make the most of the ears’ erotic potential, McCombs suggests sensually tickling the edge of your partner’s ear with your finger.

But as far as the rumoured phenomenon known as the urinogenital reflex goes which is said to simulate a nerve inside the ear canal and bring some women to orgasm.

  1. Lips

The lips are an extremely sensitive part of your body. They are 100 times more sensitive than your fingertips. But it is not just about kissing.

No, the slightest brush of the lips can also help. You can even use your thumb to do this.


Since it is the most exposed and easy to access erogenous zone, you can take many more opportunities to experiment with it.

  1. Mons pubis

The mons pubis is the triangular area just above the labia and below your lower abdomen. It is likely to get ignored since it is pretty close to the vulva but it is pretty sensitive by itself.

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