Massive Reactions As Beautiful Lady Got Married To A Photo Of Her Facebook Lover-[SEE PHOTOS]

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There are many strange things happening in this system that are unbelievable.

There is some news trending all over the social media platforms which I will like to use this opportunity to share with you.

It was noted that a young woman causes a stir after being wedded to a photo of her lover when he wasn’t around.

According to the report, the lady and her lover met on Facebook and decided to married and spend the rest of their lives together after series of chats and phone calls.

The man who claimed to be occupied abroad where he resides was said to have sent money for the wedding occasion alongside his picture.

The woman also agreed to marry without him his presence so that she could get the chance to join the man overseas.

This made the young lover made a special marriage ceremony in which she got married to a framed photo of the man and called her pastor to come and bless the marriage for them.

Let’s take a look at some of the photos below.

The picture below indicates how the woman was busily enjoying her wedding cake without the man’s presence.

The people who witnessed this incident took a photo of how it went and posted in on their media platforms.

Many reactions went on during the spread of the news which was very lovely.


Others suspected that the woman was filled with joy which made her took that decision whilst others were against her motive.

Let’s view some of the comments that went on concerning the incident below . It could be noted in the comments above that, it looks funny for some people whilst others supported her.

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