Check Out 7 Things Every Gentleman Should Have In His Bedroom- [CHECK OUT]

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If your room looks like a college student’s “man cave.” Men, it’s time to get rid of your 90s band posters and cartoon bed sheets. Here are 7 things that every man’s bedroom should have:

1. A wireless speaker

This is one of those things that will make your bedroom so much more comfortable. Try a set of speakers that you can control from your phone with an app.

Make sure you can set the right track, whether you want to party or do something more private.

2. A full length mirror

You might think you look great, but until you look at yourself in a full-length mirror, you’ll never know for sure. Men, the mirror in the bathroom cabinet just won’t do. Instead, buy a full-length mirror and use it. Plus, if your girlfriend ever stays over, she will always be grateful.

3. A Clock (That Actually Works)

True, most smart phones and tablets have alarm clocks built in.


Have you ever set an alarm on your phone after a night out with friends only to have it die overnight or not go off for whatever reason?

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