WARNING: You Will Go Blind If You Continue Eating These Foods

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As usual, I am committed to bringing healthy tips that will help you live a better and quality life.

In today’s article, I will teach you about some foods that are very bad or dangerous for your eyes.

And like the popular maxim goes, “An unexamined life is not worth living”. I mean what is the fun in living after all if one can enjoy a robust and healthy life and lifestyle.

Illnesses of any part of the body can be depressing especially when there is little or nothing you can do to help or treat yourself.

The truth of the matter is that most people never know how important being healthy is until they fall sick.

Please don’t wait until you are sick before you take care of yourself. And one of the ways of taking good care of yourself is by watching what you take into your body in the name of the food and watching the common habits that destroy vital organs in your body such as your eyes, heart, liver and kidney etc.

In this article, I will just highlight important information on foods you must stop eating (in excess) amount because they are bad for your eyes.


The bitter truth is that you only have one pair of eyes in this life, if you lose them, you will remain blind forever.

There is barely any surgical treatment that can salvage or restore dead eyes.

That said, here are the foods:

1. Foods that contains too much cholesterol, such as fried foods, ice creams, burgers, meat pies, pizza etc.

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Foods with an excess amount of cholesterol do not only lead to damage to your heart, but they can also damage your eyes.

The thing you must know is that the body’s system is all linked by substances called blood vessels. If anything happens to them, your entire system will go down, just the same way cutting an electric wire will block the supply of light or electricity to a building.

These cholesterol forms lumps and blocks the blood vessels that supply blood to your eyes which can lead to blindness over a long period of time if you continue eating these foods.

Because the eyes are one of the organs in your body that needs a constant supply of blood, anything that blocks the supply of blood to your eyes will definitely damage your eyes.

2. Overly starchy foods: eg noodles, spaghetti etc


Starch is not also good for your eyes because it also causes the same effects of producing an excess amount of glucose that won’t only predispose you to diabetes, but can also form plaques in the long run that will block the blood vessels that are connected to your eyes and cause blindness. Please take this information seriously and share with your friends.

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