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Food is essential for our health and we must eat food to survive as humans. As far as our internal organs such as kidney are concerned, there are things which we must do to keep them healthy.


Your kidneys perform many important jobs. They regulate the amount of fluid in your body, for example, and help control your blood pressure. Your kidneys also filter protein and minerals from your blood. Unhealthy kidneys do a poor job of filtering your blood, causing protein and minerals to build up in your system.

1. The first type of food is processed foods

This group of foods has done more harm than good to the human body, according to research. This is due to the fact that processed meals are created and maintained utilizing chemicals that can cause major harm to the kidneys and the body as a whole.

The high levels of salt and phosphorus contained in processed foods have been linked to renal disease. Noodles, pizza, sausage, ice cream, hot dogs, processed meat, and many other foods are included in this category. Preservatives and compounds that affect the kidney are found in these products.

2. Another type of food that destroy our kidney is fried foods


Bean cake, fried plantain, potatoes, yams, fish, chicken, fried beef, and a slew of other dishes are among the many options. Toxins can build up in the kidneys as a result of eating fried foods, which causes the organ to work incessantly to expel them.

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3. When it comes to damaging kidneys, we eat sugary meals and carbonated beverages all too often.

Buns, cakes, meat pies, and other junk foods fall under this category. If they aren’t eliminated from the body, certain foods and drinks can lead to weight gain.


This can lead to a variety of major health issues, including renal disease, heart disease, obesity, and high blood pressure.To keep healthy, we’re told to avoid these kinds of foods and eat a lot more fruits and vegetables.

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