“Don’t Fvck  Her If You Can’t Make Her Wet, Lady Angrily Blast Men Who Use Lubricants For S3x-[WATCH VIDEO]

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Intimacy between partners entails a lot. This includes romance or foreplay which tends to prepare both genders for the activity. This stage is very important to the lady as it stimulates the mechanism of natural lubrication in her womanhood to ensure smooth penetration during intercourse. Some men are not able to make this happen so they go in for artificial lubricants or use saliva instead which also plays the same role.

In this article, I bring to you a viral video which surfaced online not long ago for which a slay queen was seen advising men who tend to spit in their partners womanhood as a mean of lubrication the which is bad. She made it clear that “ men who ain’t good in romancing should not dare to go for intimacy for the saliva lubrication is of negative effect”. Watch video via the link below:




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