See What A Female Musician Did To A Fan Who Touched Her ‘Vijay’ Whiles Performing On Stage-[WATCH VIDEO]

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Many female musicians love to keep their fans thrilled as they perform their songs on stage by dressing in hot and sexy outfits. Recently, going viral on social media was a video of South Africa’s popular female musician who was smooched by fans as she performed on stage and another video of the same format has surfaced online for which i bring to you in this article.


In this article, I bring to you a viral video online in which a female musician was seen performing on stage in a hot and sexy outfit. A fan in the crowd near the stage surprisingly stretches out his hand just to touch the womanhood of the musician for which she did not spare him. She kicked him heavily in the face as her bodyguards on stage too helped disciplined the fellow. Watch video via the link below:



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