Unbelievable: Check Out How Unknown Assailants Storm Restaurant To Steal Customers At Gun Point-[WATCH VIDEO]

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Most Ghanaians are in shock after a video which CCTV camera captured hit social media. In fact, the video ha given be a goosebumps as I type this article, and the question which keeps ringing in my head is “are we safe?”.

In a video which is trending on social media, two unknown assailants have stormed a restaurant which is purported to be located at Top High a place near Tech Junction to steal unaware customers. According to reports the restaurant is called Pico Restaurant.

Watching the video carefully, one could see the robbers where three people on a motorcycle. Two alighted when they reached the location of the restaurant. These two were spotted holding cutlasses and guns. They ordered two victims who were standing at the gate of the enter the restaurant. At the look of their weapons, the victims obliged to their command.

They entered the restaurant and that’s where the actions all began. They made them lie down flat on the floor and started searching them. After they were done, they took a television set which was showing a football match away.


Watch the video here; https://www.facebook.com/991138354286939/posts/4602958789771526/?app=fbl


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