See Some Reasons Why Women Should Not  Allow Any Man Use His Finger On Them During Romance- [CHECK OUT]

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Do you know that there are certain risks associated with allowing any man use his finger on your private organ during copulation? This is otherwise known as manual copulation and due to its nature and the fact that there is little to no exchange of fluid, people don’t regard it as an unsafe copulation but then, it doesn’t mean there are no risks associated or linked to it.

In this article in line with a publication on Mayo Clinic, we are going to have a look at the reasons why women should not just allow any man use his fingers on them. If you are unsure of his medical or health status, there is need for you to reject this form of copulation because it is not free from risks.

What Are The Risks Associated With Manual Copulation?

1. Gonorrhea can be transmitted or contracted during this form of copulation. Most studies suggest that the risk is very low but then, it cannot be ruled out. So there is need for a woman to be careful and selective when it comes to allowing men use their fingers on them during intimacy.

2. There is a risk of contracting herpes through this form of copulation. The reason is that, if the man is injured or has some cold sores on his fingers, he should use a glove or cover the finger he intends using otherwise herpes can be transmitted to the woman. This still boils down to not allowing any kind of man use his fingers on you, it is true that manual copulation is very common and many have been getting away with it, but don’t put yourself at risk for something that’s not worthwhile.


3. HPV is otherwise known as human papilloma virus and it is a very common s3xually transmitted disease that has some strains that are capable of causing cervical cancer thus the need for you to be careful with who you allow to use his fingers on you. HPV can be contracted through this form of copulation as well. So you have to be really careful.

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