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“If you hate me, die!” is how the Asante Twi dialect of Tameawu is pronounced in Ghana. The Miracle Leaf, also known as the Leaf of Life, has several names, depending on who you ask.

Tameawu is utilized for spiritual things like gaining favor, cleansing bad luck, blocking evil attacks, collecting debt, casting love spells, preventing spiritual marriages, and many other things.

How to use tameawu for spiritual purposes:

Walk to the plant and make a request for whatever you want to use the leaf for. Before you plug any of the leaves, put coins (money) or sugar under the plant.

After plugging the leaves, mix some of the leaves with sea salt (the stone kind), add water, and use them for a bath.

Sleep on one of the leaves by placing it under your pillow.

I can assure you that every wish you made before plugging the leaves will come true by the will of God.

It is referred to as the Miracle Leaf or the Leaf of Life because it grows well in the absence of roots, sunlight, or water. If you cut the tameawu leaf into smaller pieces and place them in the soil, they will grow in a few days. Surprisingly, it will keep growing if you put it inside a book. This is a genuine miracle. This incredible plant never dies!

The supernatural plant known as “Tamea wu” can also be used to heal a variety of illnesses, include convulsions, skin conditions, cancer, high blood pressure, fungus infections, and more.

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God created this plant for us to use to solve our problems both spiritually and physically, but not Juju.


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