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According to a 2015 article published by Men’s Health, there are certain symptoms that may be evident in your urine that signal severe health conditions such as cancer, kidney or liver disease, diabetes, and so on. If you notice any of these signals in your urine, make sure you seek medical attention.

It is important to note that the goal of this article isn’t to scare you or make you fearful about certain health conditions. Its main purpose is to alert people to urine symptoms that could indicate a serious illness.

1. Your urine Is cloudy.

When your urine has a hazy or milky appearance rather than a clear, light yellow, you have cloudy urine. Bacterial infection is the forecast, especially if there is a foul odor or a burning sensation. The cloudiness is caused by white blood cells fighting germs.

2. Your urine is bloody.

An enlarged prostate, a kidney stone, or even cancer can all be indicated by blood. Address it as soon as possible.

3. Your urine is frothy or foamy.

There’s too much protein in your urine, which implies that your kidneys aren’t filtering it out properly. This could be a symptom that you’re developing diabetes or kidney disease.

4. Your urine is brown or rusty.


A rusty color in urine can be a bacterial identification mark. Blood can appear brown at times. Bilirubin, a liver byproduct that can indicate liver disease, can also cause the same colour change.

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