Hot Video Of National Security “Armed Robbers”Emerges Raiding Chinese Casino

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The murderous DSP Samuel Kojo Azugu of the illegal SWAT army at the National Security Secretariat have been captured by CCTV cameras on how they raided a Chinese casino like a band of armed robbers.

The gangster-looking team accompanying Azugu on May 7, 2021, were dressed in sagging trousers and hoodies and looked nothing like security officers on a raid on a suspected den of suspected Chinese gold dealers and money launderers.

They broke into the Xing-Di Casino attached to the Petroland fuel station in the Asankragua township of the Western Region. Videos seen by Whatsup News show Azugu’s men wielding AK 47 assault rifles jump out of National security vehicles and proceeded to orders workers in the Casino and an attached guesthouse to lay on their faces similar to a typically armed raid by bank robbers.

Eyewitnesses tell of how the suspicious-looking men accompanying Azugu first ensured to destroy all CCTV Cameras insight and cutting power to the facilities from the main switches.

Unknown to them, other hidden cameras in the facility captured their every questionable move.

According to information gathered by Whatsup News, to cover their suspicious raid, the gang of “Azugu Boys” brutally assaulted Peter Tabiri a journalist from Accra-based Pent TV who had caught wind of the violent raid.

The rowdy gang of men claiming to be from the National Security has confronted Tabiri who was snooping around for details of the raid, but was pounced on, brutalised and his mobile telephones snatched away from him, preventing him from completing a call he [Tabiri] had placed to the Amenfi Divisional Police Commander.

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Tabiri would later narrate his ordeal that when he identified himself as a journalist to one of the rowdy gang accompanying Azugu, he was brushed aside and was only curtly told “We are from National Security”.

“I watched as security officers ransacked the facility, breaking everything including money boxes and taking out the money in them. But then some of them began destroying the CCTV cameras installed at the place, and this raised my suspicion that the exercise could be unauthorized,” Tabiri said.

The Media Foundation for West Africa (MFWA) condemned the brutal assault on Tabiri and called for an immediate investigation into the issue.

However, a few days later, Azugu and his usual gang, would ambush Caleb Kudah, a journalist from CITI FM who has surreptitiously gone to the National Security Secretariat to film plush cars abandoned by agencies of government at the premises of the National Security.

When Mr. Kudah was picked up, Azugu, and his boys took turns to torture and brutalise the journalist.

When they found out that Caleb Kudah had already forwarded the pictures and videos of the abandoned vehicles to his colleague in the office, the “SWAT” team commanded by Azugu, raided CITI FM with assault rifles as they searched for the colleague of Mr. Kudah.

This display of thuggery by Azugu and his “boys” at the National Security has become an uncomfortable stock-in-trade that has been widely condemned, particularly when in 2018, they opened fire on unarmed civilians at the Ayawaso West Wuogon by-elections to ensure that the New Patriotic Party (NPP) candidate contesting the election at the time, Lydia Alhassan won, as her rival from the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) was chased away by the heavily armed thugs.

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Later, President Akufo Addo would set up a commission to be headed by Justice Emile Short, which recommended the illegality of the National Security “SWAT” and recommended them to be disbanded.

The Akufo Addo administration largely ignored this recommendation and had rather stocked them up with resources to allow them to terrorize unarmed civilians.




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