DRAMA: Man In Big Trouble Cried Like A Baby As Wife Squeezes His Balls As Punishment For Cheating- [WATCH VIDEO]

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Any man would not prefer being treated like this man who cheated with another woman in the same community his wife is.

This man was caught by his wife for cheating on her.

The case was brought before the leaders of the woman’s church for settlement.

The woman, Mrs. Alaba (other name withheld) agreed in the presence of the leaders to have forgiven his fornicated husband.

Not knowing she has a second plan as her punishment for the husband, Mr. Eric Ansah Kumi-a driver.

A week after the reconciliation, Mrs. Alaba called for bedroom match as she dresses nicely, with powder spread everywhere and a transparent night wear.

Infact, Ante Alaba looked sweet in the night.

Wofa Kumi, thinking that everything was ok, speedily undress himself.

He went straight and lied on the bed for massage to begin.

My dear readers and visitors, that was where the woman, Mrs. Alaba taught him the lesson of his life.

In the video of the couple available with FILASCONEWS.COM, the woman is holding the husband’s balls, and squeezing it whiles the man sobs.



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