Do These Simple Tricks And She Will Come Over To Your Place

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How frequently does your woman come over to your place? Is it easy for her to come or does she waits to be reminded to come?

Well, coming over and not coming over to your place is also another way to know exactly when a woman is interested in you.

A woman who is interested in you will never find it difficult to come to your place especially when you need her.


She will find her way just to come and see you. While that who is not interested in you will never show up, instead, she prefers giving excuses.

Now, how many times have you requested a woman to come over and she failed? How many times have you followed up on her to check if she is really coming and she said nothing but an excuse?

Well, never get tired if inviting a woman over to your place, she will eventually come. In that case, we came up with something that if you do to your woman, she won’t resist coming over to your place.

As you know, women can drive mountains just to come and see you if she really loves you. In case, she finds it difficult to come over, then you can do only one thing.

Women never want those guys who are always thinking about them. The moment you start thinking about a woman so much as if you do not have other plans to think of, is the moment she begins to misbehave.

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Never prove to a woman that she is in your priority list. There’s only one thing that you can always do to a woman to make her come over to your place without having to stress yourself.

Wait for her to text you, something like, “good morning”. Of course you must first confirm that she loves you.

Never rush into replying the text because you will seem to be idle to her. Let’s say, she texts at ten in the morning, never text her at eleven just an hour past.

Text her at four in the evening and tell her this, “I have been held up the whole day that I was unable to reply to your text, come over”. After texting her that, let her make her own decision.

She will eventually come without having to make excuses. One thing you should always know, is to never request something twice from a woman.


If she refuses the first time, never request her the second time, you’ll look desperate.



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