Men; Stay Away From Ladies Who Show Any Of These Three Traits.

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Dating is one of the most serious events that happen in everyone’s life. Sometimes it may take time before you meet the perfect match to settle down in marriage, that’s why patience is required. Definitely breakups happen, people get challenged and still move on with life. Facing hard situations in relationships doesn’t mean you give up, instead, it’s a good way to know the best type of partner you need to find.

Men fall into the trap of dating fake ladies who have no direction in life and the affair ends in premium tears. It is a procedure that begins with seeing a charming workable lady, then pursuing a stage which involves texting, visiting and exchanging ideas.

During such moments, if you’re keen enough you can identify some points evident in her behaviours. These signs define whether she’s the right person to have in a relationship or not. Therefore, if you see any of the following signs, that’s a turn-off and you should avoid dating that girl.

1. Gold digger traits.

She’s there not for love but cash. Actually, she shows up in very experience modern designer outfits which don’t even match her salary. Her only focus is to suck every coin in you till she makes sure you’re broke then leaves you for another rich guy.

Nowadays the number of these ladies is increasing due to the influence of living luxurious lives yet the cost of living standards is very high and unaffordable. Thus they opt to get money from the wealthy guys who can satisfy them in every situation.

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Note that these women offer nothing in return for your efforts, all they do is sit down and chew money they’ve not even worked for.

2. Extremely tenacious.

Rushes into making decisions and conclusions without consultation. Keeps a suspicious eye on you to know your whereabouts because she perceives you’re cheating on her. In the case you fail to text back, she assumes you’re out there flirting with other girls.

All she wants is to be with you everywhere, doesn’t give you space to breathe or interact with friends. This is too much so it’s better you maintain a distance from her no matter what she thinks about you.

3. Continuously talks about her previous affair.

It’s obvious when a lady keeps on talking about her ex-boyfriend, she’s not yet done with him. At some point, she may even choose to go back to him and reunite the relationship. It hurts being compared to that ex guy and she makes you feel weak and not worth being with her.

Thus heed to this significant warning to avoid losing the game in the end.


Hope this helps you in trying to get the right woman. Don’t ignore the signs because ignorance may cost you a big deal later.

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