Do Not Ignore: When Boarding A Car And These Signs Occurs,Never Board-Top Pastor Reveals Three Spiritual Message- [WATCH VIDEO]

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In this technological world, one cannot do without easy portage to their various destination. Commercial cars which serve as a major mode of transportation, convey the majority to their various places easily. However, several things normally occur during this brief period of an individual’s boarding and alighting from the vehicle.

Today, during an afternoon show interview known as Nsem Pii, one notorious spokesman who doubles as the senior pastor of the Universal Christ Church, Snr. Prophet Gabriel Twumasi revealed a spiritual message to all individual. He sent a strong caution to all individual to aware them of some deleterious signs when boarding a vehicle. He made three momentous revelation in response to the question of ” Incase you mistakenly bump into someone whiles perhaps you are going to surprise someone or in a vehicle or on your way to somewhere , what does it show?” asked by the host.

He responded by saying that, all these are spiritual signs which are shown to you and that God want’s to alert you that the person whom you met has a deadly spirit which he or she can use to harm you, either negatively or positively. He added by firstly admitting that, this might also signal you that the vehicle which you are about to board is an “accident car”, so don’t board it.

Secondly, you might also slip at the tip whiles boarding the vehicle, don’t also board.

Thirdly, he discloses that, when there is a quarrel between the “mate” and a passenger about money differences and the driver interferes, alight immediately because it is saying something to you.


Click to watch video 2:10 to 2:40

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