Check Out Top 6 African Countries With The Most Internet Users 2021 Update

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In today’s article, we shall be looking at the top 10 African countries with the most internet users. More than half of the population worldwide are active internet users. Africa is the largest region in the world with huge natural diversity. It has many countries most of them are undeveloped and some of them are developing.


Of the 4.33 billion active internet users worldwide, 2.4 billion 56% are located in Asia. Europe and Africa have the second and third largest groups of internet users with 651 million and 453 million respectively. Despite the prevalence of internet usage in Asia, it’s Africa that has the fastest-growing online population. Seven out of the ten fastest growing online populations are based in Africa, with Western Sahara leading the chart as of January 2019.

The number of internet users in the region has grown by 364% year over year. With this general growth of internet users, there are some countries whose internet users have grown exponentially making them the highest number of internet users in Africa.

Now let’s check out the top list;


6 Morocco – 26.7 Million users and still counting

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