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Cassava is a plant that has a sufficient measure of calories. In contrast with the tissue, cassava leaves are more useful.

Alongside the great taste, it additionally has different medical advantages. Cassava leaves contain nutrients, proteins, minerals and fundamental amino acids. The protein found in cassava leave assists with shaping body cells and constituent the compound framework. The accessibility of amino corrosive assists with changing the energy into starches. Amino acids assist with recuperating the skin wounds assist us with a decent memory, bone wellbeing and the body’s metabolic framework. The chlorophyll found in the leaves gives anticancer and cell reinforcement properties.

And medically these are some advantages of Cassava Leaf.

Cassava leaves are lower in calories. It gives the satiety impact. The cassava leaves aids absorption and assists with conquering the blockage. It additionally assists with alleviating cerebral pains, cold medication, worms, stiffness, ulcers, the runs and improve endurance. The different medical advantages of cassava leaves are as per the following:

1. Useful for Pregnant ladies

The presence of a high iron substance in cassava leaves assists the pregnant ladies with keeping away from pallor. The cassava leaves have a high measure of folate and Vitamin C. Because of the boring taste of cassava leaves, they ought to be cooked with vegetables or meat by slashing.

2. Help to fight against Kwashiorkor 

The leaves of cassava are wealthy in lysine protein which assists with battling against the kwashiorkor which is caused because of protein inadequacy. The leaves and tuber ought to be cooked and washed appropriately prior to eating in the light of the fact that the presence of cyanogenic glucosides prompts cyanide harming and vision misfortune.

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3. Treating fever and headache

The three bits of cassava leaves ought to be finely ground. This assists with soothing the fever and migraines. In other techniques, the root and leaves ought to be bubbled by adding 80 grams of the stem, 400 grams of cassava leaves and a litre of water. It ought to be warmed till the water is diminished to half and afterwards let it cool down.

4. Help to treat diarrhoea

Bubble 7 cassava leaves in 4 cups of water till the 2 cups remain. This fluid should drink two times each day to fix the looseness of the bowels. By another technique, a litre of water ought to be bubbled and removed from the warmth. The newly picked 10 cassava leaves ought to be made glue in a mortar and pestle. It ought to be dropped in the serious trouble and cover it. It ought to be steep for the time being. This fluid should drink by stressing the leaves toward the beginning of the day. The rest fluid ought to be store in the ice chest. It tends to be saved for three days.

5. It helps in blurred eyesight

The cassava leaves ought to be bubbled with garlic and salt and this ought to be burned-through as a salad with rice. The everyday utilization of cassava leaves invention likewise assists with treating the obscured visual perception.

6. Promote endurance

The presence of high nutrient C assists with improving perseverance. The utilization of cassava leaves assists with keeping up with the individual cleanliness by disposing of different infections.

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7. Increase in stamina


Mix 25 grams of kencur, 100 grams of cassava and 5 places of angco seed with sufficient water which assists with boosting endurance.

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