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There are several foods and behaviors that are regarded to be harmful to sperm quality, just as excellent nutrition can directly affect the health and potency of sperm. For example, it is well recognized that alcohol and tobacco use can impair sperm quality, damage, and production.

According to Healthline & WebMD, here are foods that can damage sperm cells when eaten regularly:

1. Processed meat

Meat that has been preserved through salting, curing, smoking, canning, drying or by frying are referred to as processed meat. You might want to rethink your order if you enjoy weekend brunch binges that are overflowing with hot dogs, bacon, salami, sausages, and ham. According to research, males who routinely consume processed meat have 23% fewer sperm than those who do it in moderation or not at all. Why? Well, processed meats are loaded with hormonal byproducts that disrupt the environment of reproduction.

2. Aerated beverages


Sugary, sweet drinks are bad for everyone, but are especially harmful to expectant mothers. According to studies, drinking more than one serving of soda each day can affect sperm motility. This is because sugar can make people more insulin resistant, which damages sperm due to oxidative stress.

3. Alcohol and caffeine


Low sperm count can occur due to alcohol and caffeine abuse. When the body is overloaded with alcoholic or caffeinated drinks, it battles with oxidative stress, much like with aerated drinks. This means that you should limit your intake of alcohol and caffeine to no more than two servings each day.

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4. Seafood



While not all seafood is dangerous, fish with a high mercury content can deplete the body’s supply of omega-3 fatty acids, which can then impact fertility. king mackerel and tuna are best avoided due to their high mercury content. Choose healthier substitutes like shrimp and salmon instead.

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