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For many people, perhaps including you, may not be familiar with the relevance of this plant.

It is no surprise that the chromolaena odorata plants usually gets thrown away. But, not much people know that the chromolaena odorata can actually contribute some benefits in their lives.

Usually, chromolaena odorata is used a lot as traditional herb medicines.

This has been practiced a long time ago where people only knew physician and nurses.

Because it is very potent to cure many types of disease, the people from back then in the days used to plant and grow this leaves a lot.

Below are some of the health benefits of Chromolaena Odorata leaves:

1. Cyst Medicine:

There are many health benefits of the Chromolaena Odorata leaves.

The chromolaena odorata is very useful for those of you who wants to heal your cyst effectively.


Taking half glass cup in the morning and evening for a week, will definitely deliver anyone from body/back pain

3. Prevent Cervical Cancer:

Cervical cancer is one of the diseases that is very common and dangerous for women.

To prevent yourself from developing the disease, you can always drink the chromolaena odorata tea.

4. Maintain the Health of Reproduction Organ on Women:

The health of reproduction organs is one of the very important and crucial thing that needs to be aware of.

To maintain good health of it, you can drink the chromolaena odorata brewed water.

5. Prevent Diabetes:

Not only to maintain the health of reproduction organ of women, the chromolaena odorata leaves also prevent diabetes.

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6. Ulcer Medicine:

Not only that it can help when your ulcer is relapsing, it is also believed to be able to cure your ulcer completely if consumed routinely.

7. Maintain the Heart’s Health:

It is important for us to maintain the health of our heart to make sure it can always pump well.

To avoid the diseases that are related to heart, you can consume the chromolaena odorata leaves as usual.

8. Decrease the Cholesterol Level:

For those of you who wants to decrease the cholesterol level in your body, you can drink the chromolaena odorata brewed water when your cholesterol level is increasing or when you consumed seafood.

9. Decrease the Blood Pressure:

Not only that it can decrease your cholesterol level, the chromolaena odorata leaves are also capable to decrease your blood pressure. This is especially useful for those who have hypertensions.


This plant is so powerful to be underrated.


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