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The feared HIV virus can bring about a wide range of unfavorable changes in the host’s physical condition. When someone is newly infected with HIV, the virus immediately begins attacking the immune system and working towards weakening the immune system to the point where the person becomes immunocompromised.

Do you know, however, that the mouth is a common site for HIV symptoms? Some of the symptoms of infection only manifest themselves orally. The oral and dermal manifestations of HIV infection are the focus of this article, which follows a report in Medical News Today. Relax and take in this article as you gain some valuable knowledge.

What Oral and Skin Symptoms Indicate HIV Infection?

To begin, studies have shown that in the first few weeks after contracting HIV, a person may experience what is known as oral thrush. Red and white patches can appear on the tongue and inside the mouth, indicating an oral yeast infection. These patches cause a lot of discomforts, and they can even make it difficult to swallow. Oral thrush can affect anyone, but people with HIV are especially susceptible because their immune systems are suppressed.

According to Healthline, The second issue is that HIV can cause an overproduction of saliva, which can lead to severe dry mouth and make eating and swallowing difficult. Problems with speech are another symptom of chronic dry mouth.


HIV has some cosmetic effects as well. Rashes, typically red but not itchy, can appear suddenly on the skin. Don’t dismiss the appearance of unusual rashes on your skin a few weeks after contracting the virus. If you’ve recently had contact with someone or something you don’t know much about, you should see a doctor and express your concerns.

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