Check Out 5 Secret Places To Kiss A Woman To Drive Her Crazy During Intimacy- [CHECK OUT]

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Today’s article would be centered on some secret place you could kiss your woman to drive her crazy. Read through to the end to uncover the appropriate secret spots to kiss in a woman which would definitely get her engine rollingBut I have to tell you that kissing is a whole another level in terms of the seduction stuff. As of today guys, I’m going to reveal to you five spots that she wants you to kiss so badly. So if you’re ready gentlemen, let’s us sail to the end. I’m already getting a little excited and you should be excited too.

Alright, so the first spot that I want you to start to think about kissing, whether or not you’ve got a spicy senorita now or you will in the future is actually her lower back. So the lower back is one of the sensitive places not only that you can touch or caress, but also kiss guys.

The fact is that, it is sensitive and the reason is because, all of the nerves like the front right action actually originate in the lower back region and so you can imagine how incredibly sensitive it is. When you take your time by playing gentle, good things happen to your dating life.

Next, the hips is also an amazing place so take your time, slow down and give a little attention to. The reason is because it’s also incredibly sensitive like the lower back. It’s also very close to the other area that’s going to get her thinking. Trust me this has worked for me and it would for you too.

Like we’ve talked about. One of the downsides of the movies, gentleman, is that they’re not showing you all the sexy secret spots, they’re just showing you what you think. You need to do, which is away, gentlemen

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The fact is that, it is only one small piece of the seduction equation may come as a surprise to you, but a woman has more places on her body than just her boobs and some special body parts. She’s got a lot of sensitive areas that you need to start exploring.


The collarbone gentleman is also another sensitive place you can kiss. The neck is incredibly sexy, but the collarbone is a little next level. Why? Because it’s a little bit sensitive than the neck region.

Finally, one of the sensitive part on a woman we can talk about is the palms. Many guys make the mistake of kissing outside the sensitive spot and therefore gets not suitable response. You must kiss inside the palms since the nerves connects to other sensitive part.

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