S3x Before Marriage Is Not A Sin, Any Preacher Saying It’s A Sin Is An Enemy-Popular Pastor Speaks And Causes Stir-[WATCH VIDEO] 

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Pastor Olakunle Beloved Jesukale, founder of End-Time Revival Evangelical Ministry has said that s3x before marriage is no longer a sin.

In a video he shared on social media platforms, the cleric stated that he does not even believe that sin exists to those who believe in the finished work of Jesus Christ because he has destroyed sin.

Maintaining that he believes in extreme grace, Pastor Jesukale averred that “s3x, whether it is before marriage, after marriage or during the marriage is no longer a sin.” He also said why many believe s3x should be had in marriage, is because it is a covenant but has nothing to do with righteousness, purity and other godly virtues.

The Pastor also stated that any preacher saying that s3x before marriage is a sin is an enemy of the finished work and is not real.


Watch the video below;

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