Check List Of Dead Ghanaian Actors And Actresses, Dates Of Death As Of 2023- [CHECK OUT]

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Ghanaian actors who died recently and years ago oozed exceptional talent. Their deaths hurt many, and no one will ever fill the void they left in the entertainment sector. Since acting does not have a definite retirement age, some actors had active careers till their 70s and 80s. As a result, they had a massive fan base countrywide.

dead Ghanaian actors and actresses

dead Ghanaian actors and actresses

Ghanaian actors who died. Photo: @Eqayinspire, @KwakyeOnline, @ekow.blankson.92, @Joy997FM, @Abayiwa GH, @Michael Moncar, @Paul Redmond @PLUZZFM (Modified by author) Source: UGC

Some Ghanaian actors and actresses encountered devastating deaths. People might never get over the tragic deaths of actors who dominated the industry for years. The country wishes these veteran actors lived longer to mentor more upcoming talents.

List of Ghanaian actors who died

Ghanaian actors and actresses who died left a wide gap in the hearts of many. Their families, friends, and fans of famous stars grieve for years after they are gone.

Many people abroad know celebrities from Ghana who passed away because of some dead Ghanaian actors and actresses. Here are dead Ghanaian actors in 2023:

19. Ekow Blankson – 3rd October 2022

List of dead Ghanaian actors and actresses

The late Ekow Blankson. Photo: @ekow.blankson.92 Source: Facebook

Date of birth: 16th March 1972

Date of death: 3rd October 2022

Veteran Ekow Blankson is among the Ghanaian actors who died recently. He was also the Commercial Manager of GhanaWeb. He died on 3rd October 2022 at age 50 after a short illness.

Blankson worked with media companies like TV Africa, Media General Ghana Limited, and Multimedia Broadcasting Company. He featured in movies like Borga, Savannah, Frozen Emotion, In April, Checkmate, A Woman Scorned, Illusions, and Pool Party.

He won the Best Adult Male Role at the 2022 GH Student’s Movie Awards and the Best Male Actor International nomination at the 2022 Nelas Awards UK.

18. Prince Yawson – 1st August 2022

List of dead Ghanaian actors

The late Prince Yawson. Photo: @Regan Ofosu Entertainment News Source: Facebook

Year of birth: 1970

Date of death: 1st August 2022

Actor Prince Yawson is among Ghana’s actors who died recently. He passed away on 1st August 2022 at the 37 Military Hospital at age 52. The veteran comedian and actor battled an undisclosed sickness before his death.

Yawson was born in 1970 in Ghana. Some of his top films were Shout at the Devil (2001), I Sing of a Well (2009), and Cargo (2006). Many people knew him by his nickname, Waakye.

17. Ice Kenkey – 9th June 2022

List of dead Ghanaian actors and actresses

The later Ice Kenkey. Photo: @poku1tv Source: Facebook

Date of death: 9th June 2022

Ice Kenkey died on 9th June 2022 at age 57. He rose to fame through the Key Soap Concert Party comedy TV shows that aired from the mid-1990s to the early 2000s. Kenkey lived in Ghana and abroad due to his travel and tour business.

16. Psalm Nii Adjeteyfio – 8th April 2022

dead Ghanaian actors

Psalm Adjeteyfio is seated in the studio. Photo: @Eqayinspire Source: Twitter

Year of birth: 1948

Date of death: 8th April 2022

Actor Psalm Nii Adjeteyfio is among the famous Kumawood actors who are dead. The veteran actor, presenter, and professional teacher were popularly known as TT. He died on 8th April 2022.

‌Adjeteyfio was born in 1948 in Accra, Ghana. He was age 74 when he encountered a head attack that led to his demise. Psalm will forever be remembered for his roles in Taxi driver, The Chosen One, Ultimate Paradise, Expectations, Dark Sand, Asimo, and My heart.

15. Osei Tutu – 17th May 2022

dead Ghanaian actors and actresses

Osei Tutu wearing a red t-shirt and a matching cap. Photo: @KwakyeOnline Source: Facebook

Date of birth: 12th May 1971

Date of death: 17th May 2022

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Kumawood actor Osei Tutu died on Tuesday morning, 17th May 2022, while asleep. He was 51 years old and had recovered from an ailment some months before he died. The actor had been in the US to shoot a movie. Osei began acting in the early 2000s and became a rapper in 2010. However, his music was yet to gain popularity.

14. Bernard Nyarko – 2nd May 2020

List of dead Ghanaian actors and actresses

The late Bernard Nyarko. Photo: @Abayiwa GH Source: Facebook

Year of birth: 1965

Date of death: 2nd May 2020

Many people are still mourning Bernard Nyarko. He is among the most famous Ghanaian actors who died in 2020. The Kumasi-based actor’s death shocked many Ghanaian film lovers.

He was an actor, comedian, and gospel minister. Nyarko was born in 1965 and passed away on 2nd May 2020 at age 55. Doctors said he died from cancer, but Mama Yaa (a woman claiming to be his caretaker) alleged that Bernard’s sickness was a spiritual attack.

Nyarko has been featured in Hero: Service to Humanity, John and John, and Sidechic Gang. He was a full-time preacher when he died.

13. Asonaba Kwaku Darko – 13th February 2018

dead Ghanaian actors

Kwaku Darko holding a walking stick. Photo: @Celebrity Fanzone Gh Source: Facebook

Year of birth: 1934

Date of death: 13th February 2018

Asonaba Kwaku Darko was a comedian and actor. He was born in 1934 and died on 13th February 2018 at the Swedru Government Hospital in the Central Region. The veteran actor was aged 84.

Many Ghanaians knew Asonaba Darko as Super OD. He began acting in the early 1970s as part of the Osofo Dadzie Drama Group. Some of Super OD’s most famous movies are Akan Drama, Double Cross, Diabolo and CrossFire, and Obra.

12. Mac Jordan Amartey – 5th July 2018

dead Ghanaian actors

Mac Jordan Amartey in a white shirt. Photo: @manifestive Source: Twitter

Year of birth: 1936

Date of death: 5th July 2018

Mac Jordan Amartey’s fans called him Sugar Daddy, and he is among the most beloved Kumawood actors who are dead. Jordan’s sudden demise on 5th July 2018 at the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital overwhelmed many. The actor was 82 years old at the time of death.

Mac made a name for himself in the acting industry for his impeccable acting and the vast vocabulary he used. Major films he was featured in include Matters of the Heart (1993), The Returnee 2 (1995), Victim of Love (1998), and Black Star (2006).

11. Kwadwo Boaben – 12th March 2016

dead Ghanaian actors and actresses

Kwadwo is seated in a radio studio. Photo: @PLUZZFM Source: Twitter

Year of birth: 1954

Date of death: 12th March 2016

Kwadwo Boaben was an actor and comedian. He was popularly known as Bishop Bob Okala, the father of comedy in Ghana.

Kwadwo was born in 1954. Before joining the Key Soap Concert Party TV show, he was part of the Kusum Agoromma drama group in Dzorwulu, Accra.

Fans baptized him the Bishop nickname when he was a goalkeeper and Okala when he became a comedian. The name Okala originated from a Nigerian, Emmanuel Okala.

Kwadwo acted in movies like Koti Academy and received four Best Comedian awards in Ghana. He died on Saturday, 12th March 2016, at Koforidua Jackson Park after a short illness. The actor was 62 years old.

10. Ebenezer Donkor – 12th November 2016

dead Ghanaian actors and actresses

Ebenezer Donkor is seated beside a plastic chair. Photo: @Joy997FM Source: Twitter

Year of birth: 1938

Date of death: 12th November 2016

Ebenezer Donkor, alias Katawere, will always be remembered for his performances on the Efiewura series since the 1990s.

Katawere worked in the movie industry for over thirty years and starred in more than nineteenth Kumawood movies.

Donkor was born in 1938 and died on 14th November 2016 at age 78. He suffered from an undisclosed illness and passed away shortly after being admitted to Opoku Ware Hospital in Cantonments, Accra.

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9. Solomon Sampah – 22nd January 2016


Year of birth: 14th February 1945

Date of death: 22nd January 2016

Actor Solomon Nii Otokonor Sampah was born in 1949. He fell ill on 22nd January 2016 and was rushed to Korle Bu Teaching Hospital, where he passed away. The 70-year-old veteran actor had been sick for three months and was barely a month away from turning 71.

Sampah was famously known as Pap Solo, Paa Solo, and Quench Walahi. He featured in the original Hacks commercial and starred in several films, including Queen’s Bride, Foul Play, Owuo Safoa, and the Ultimate Paradise TV series.

8. Sam Sarpong – 26th October 2015

List of dead Ghanaian actors

Sam Sarpong during Billboard Presents: Children Uniting Nations Oscar Party – Arrivals at Henry Fonda Theatre in Hollywood, CA, United States. Photo: Paul Redmond Source: Getty Images

Date of birth: 19th December 1975

Date of death: 26th October 2015

Although Sarpong spent most of his time in England and the US, the actor often visited his parents in Ghana.

The 40-year-old passed away on 26th October 2015 after jumping from the Colorado Street Bridge in Pasadena, Califonia. The Los Angeles County Department of Medical Examiner-Coroner ruled that he killed himself.

Sarpong was featured in over 100 TV shows and films, including Love, Don’t Cost a Thing, Keeping Up With the Steins, and Carmen the Hip Hopera. He also hosted MTV’s Yo Momma for some time.

7. Michael Moncar – 8th March 2013

dead Ghanaian actors

Actor Michael Moncar’s portrait. Photo: @Michael Moncar Source: Facebook

Year of birth: 1962

Date of death: 8th March 2013

Moncar was born in 1962 and died on 8th March 2013 at the Korle Bu Teaching hospital. He was 51 years old and has starred in many movies, including the Efiewura TV Series. Moncar was sick for a week before his death.

6. Kwame Owusu Ansah – 2nd May 2008

Year of birth: 1969

Date of death: 2nd May 2008

The talented Kwame Owusu died on 2nd May 2008 after sustaining injuries from an automobile accident on the Tema Motorway in Accra. The actor was 39 years old, and his career was at its peak.

Kwame was a poet, teacher, radio broadcaster, and public relations practitioner. He is known for his contributions to Ghana’s entertainment industry. He is among the most notable Ghana celebrities who died from 2000 to June 2022. Kwame appeared in more than 60 films before his demise.

5. Margaret Quainoo – 12th July 2006


Date of birth: 12th December 1941

Date of death: 12th July 2006

Margaret Quainoo graced Ghanaian TV screens for decades. Viewers loved her and the warmth she brought to shows and nicknamed her the Araba stamp.

Quainoo’s love for acting made her drop out of school to join the Brigade Drama Group at Nungua in Accra. She is remembered in films such as I Told You So, the Efiewura TV series, and Numerous Key Soap Concert Parties.

The actress passed away on 12th July 2006 at the 37 Military Hospital in Accra after a short illness. She was 64 years old.

4. Suzzy Williams – 8th September 2005

dead Ghanaian actresses

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Ghanaian actress Suzzy Williams smiling. Photo: @nollywoodtweets Source: Twitter

Year of birth: 1982

Date of death: 8th September 2005

Death robbed the beautiful Ghanaian actress of her family and fans when she still had so much potential to explore. The actress died in a car accident on 8th September 2005 at age 23.

She featured in major Ghanaian films like The Comforter, Mother’s Heart, Bloody Mary, and Calamity. The star was born in 1982 and had just entered her career peak when her death hit the film industry.

3. John Evans Kwadwo – 30th May 2002

dead Ghanaian actors

Ghanaian actor John Evans Kwadwo. Photo: @OperaNewsGhana Source: Facebook

Year of birth: 1965

Date of death: 30th May 2002

Many fans of John Evans Kwadwo Bosompem knew him as Bob Santo. He was one of the most valued Kumawood actors. Some of Kwadwo’s notable films include 419, Double Sense, Efiewura, Marijata, and Abawa Mary.

The actor passed on 30th May 2002 at West End Hospital, Kumasi, Ghana.

2. Samuel Kwesi Oppong – 3rd December 2001

List of dead Ghanaian actors and actresses

A poster of the late SK Oppong. Photo: @Maurice Quansah Source: Facebook

Year of birth: 1946

Date of death: 3rd December 2001

SK Oppong was a musician and is one of the most established Ghanaian actors who are dead. He once headed the SK Oppong Drama Group (former Osofo Dadzie Group).

Oppong’s successful career ran from the 1960s to the 1990s. The popular TV artiste showcased classic performances in many films before his demise on 3rd December 2001 at age 55.

1. Gyearbuor Asante – 2nd August 2000

dead Ghanaian actors

Ghanaian actor Gyearbuor Asante. Photo: @Gyearbuor Asante Source: Instagram

Date of birth: 4th November 1941

Date of death: 2nd August 2000

Frederick Christopher Kwabena Gyearbuor Asante died on 2nd August 2000 at age 58. The actor had tremendous experience in the international film industry because he lived between Ghana and the United Kingdom.

Gyearbuor shared his skills back home after studying at Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts in Britain. Some of his popular films were The Dogs of War, Mind Your Language, The Professionals, and Local Hero.

List of dead Ghanaian actors and actresses

Some of the most renowned Ghana actors who died between 2000 to 2022 are:

Gyearbuor Asanten – 2000

Samuel Kwesi – 2001

John Evans Kwadwo Bosompem – 2002

Suzzy Williams – 2005

Margaret Quainoo – 2006

Solomon Sampah – 2008

John William Kwame Owusu Ansah – 2008

Nana Bosompra II – 2010

Michael Moncar – 2013

Eric Asante – 2013

Kwame Atafuah Boakye – 2014

Lily Ameyaw – 2015

Rev. Eddie Coffie – 2015

Samuel Nii Odoi Mensah – 2016

Ebenezer Donkor – 2016

Kwadwo Boaben – 2016

Yaw Donkor – 2016

George Brigars Williams – 2016

John Koomson – 2017

Nurudeen Abass – 2018

Asonaba Kwaku Darko – 2018

Mac Jordan Amartey – 2018

Asuo Tano – 2019

Bernard Nyarko – 2020

Psalm Adjeteyfio – 2022

Osei Tutu – 2022

Ice Kenkey – 2022

Prince Yawson – 2022

Ekow Blankson – 2022

Which Ghanaian actor died recently?

Ghanaian actors who died in 2022 are Psalm Adjeteyfio, Ekow Blankson, Ice Kenkey, Prince Yawson, and Osei Tutu.

Which Ghanaian celebrity died recently?

Ghanaian celebrities who died in 2022 are Psalm Adjeteyfio (actor), Nana Nsiah Piesie (highlife musician), Prince Yawson (actor), A.B. Crentsil (highlife musician), Baba Spirit (comedian), Ice Kenkey (actor/comedian), Osei Tutu (actor), and Francis Ebow Cann (Radio Presenter).

Millions celebrate Ghanaian actors who died. Most of their fans watch films these deceased celebrities featured in to commemorate the good old days they enjoyed being entertained by them.

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