Blend Banana With Pawpaw And Milk, Drink It To Cure These Health Problems

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Blend Banana With Pawpaw And Milk, Drink It To Cure These Health Problems


Banana is one of the most nutritious foods which is often classified among the top superfood. They are fully packed with vitamins and fibre which easily makes you full, hence preventing unnecessary eating.

Pawpaw, on the other hand, is another great fruit of its kind. The fruit has been used since time memorial for medicinal purposes due to its strong antioxidants effects.

When the two (banana and pawpaw) are blended, the result is a whole nutritious shake on its own. Before we talk about the benefits, let us have a look at how you can make this delicious shake from your home.

How to make Delicious Pawpaw banana shake


1 cup chopped Pawpaw

2. 1 Banana

3. 1 cup cold milk

4. 1 tbsp honey

5. Black pepper (optional)


You may want to make sure your banana and pawpaw are in a good state. Remove the seeds and peel the banana and also chop them into blendable sizes.

Using your clean blender, pour all the ingredient inside and blend to desired thickness. After that, you can add ice cubes and blend again for a few seconds and that’s all – your chilled pawpaw banana shake is ready.

Some people love it when they sprinkle black pepper over it and they give remarkable comments to that.

The benefits

1. One common benefit linked to this particular shake is its effects on the metabolism process. The ingredients used are well known to boost digestion due to the presence of fibre and other vital minerals.

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2. Is good for people suffering from cancer. Pawpaw has lycopene content which according to research helps to combat cancer.

3. It will improve your heart health. Banana and pawpaw are all rich in some vital minerals including potassium vitamin c. These minerals together with the lycopene help to keep your heart safe.


4. It will protect your skin. When it comes to topical activities, these fruits are classified among a few of the best fruits which helps in protecting and keeping the skin healthy. Their powerful antioxidants can help lessen damages caused by sunburn.

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