WONDERS: See Photos Of Restaurant Where Monkeys Are Employed to Serve Food Because Of This-[CHECK OUT]

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Thinking about the strange things that continue to happen in our world today, you will realise that the world might be coming to an end soon.

When an owner of a restaurant decides to replace a human being with monkeys in his restaurant you know that’s weird and very hard to comprehend. Although people always try to explore new business ideas to make more profit of their own, some people tend to do it in a way that generates the public’s opinion.

This shocking incident happened in Japan in a big restaurant that has decided to change their way of operation by employing monkeys to replace human beings as waiters to work in their restaurant.

This new innovation attracted the attention of people around the world to the restaurant which is popularly known as “Kayabukia Tavern Restaurant” and tourists can’t wait to visit the restaurant to see what’s really going on there.

This experience is exciting at first glance but on the other hand, it seems weird and a sign of end time. How would you feel if you order your favourite food in a restaurant, and you see a monkey rather than see a normal person bringing your food to you? This is what happens in a Japanese restaurant.

Both monkeys who serve as waiters are called Fuku Chan and Yat Chan. Fuku Chan and Yat Chan make sure that they are fully consistent and they are dressed up in a kit of jacket and robe.

Mr Kaoru Otsuka who happens to be their employer believes that they are far more reliable, honest and dedicated in their work and he has more trust in them than a human being. The two monkeys are not very demanding when it comes to payment, and they are being paid with the foods that they eat.


It is good to be creative, although some creativity may seem strange and weird at first the monkeys have certainly made the restaurant the talk of the town, so the restaurant is one of the most popular in Japan today.

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