Watch The Funny Moment A Young Guy Was Caught Paltering A Lady In A Pool- [WATCH VIDEO]

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A yet to be identified young man have been trending massively on the internet after a video of him and a young beautiful lady inside a pool went viral on the internet. The video was apparently taken by a concerned swimmer who was at the event at the time of happening.

In the video, one can see the young guy busily wooing and trying any possible means to convnce the said lady in the video. No one actually knows what they were talking about but it appears to be so, If you consider their body language. What makes this funny is the fact that, the guy knew nothing about him being recorded unti one lady prompted him to see what has been going on.

Many who saw the video on the internet have been laughing at the unknown young man for trying to woo the young lady. I will drop the link leading to the video below.



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