Warning Notice Served To The Public: MTN and AIRTELTIGO Users Must Check The Message

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Warning Notice Served To The Public: MTN and AIRTELTIGO Users Must Check The Message.

We all saw how all these networks tried harder to urge Ghanaians to register their sim cards with their Ghana cards for easy identification, but it wasn’t so easy because, till date, not every Ghanaian has registered their sim card and kept it with their Ghana cards. To some Ghanaians, they actually haven’t registered or fully linked their sim cards with their Ghana cards because they either don’t have the card itself, are too busy for long queues, or are just ignorant.

Why haven’t you registered your SIM card yet?

During the start of this weekend, both Airteltigo and Mtn sent a warning to all their users who haven’t either registered their sim cards at all or haven’t fully registered their sim cards. Which do you use, Airteltigo or Mtn?

Airteltigo actually did the unthinkable for their users and customers by actually giving them just a day to fully complete their registration; otherwise, they won’t be able to get access to their data services. They sent a notice to their customers and users saying, “Dear Valued Customer, kindly be Dear Customer and visit any AirtelTigo re-registration center to complete your registration ASAP before November 20 or 22 to enable you to stay connected on AirtelTigo data services.” informed that from November 20th, 2022, your data services will be deactivated.”

MTN, which is widely known due to their longevity and acceptance by Ghanaians, has calmly given all its users a whopping 10 days to link their Ghana cards to their sim cards, or else their sim cards will be disconnected.

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“Your SIM card will be disconnected on November 30, 2022, if you do not complete your registration with the Ghana card.” Kindly complete your registration by downloading the self-service app from the Play Store or visiting the nearest MTN branch or agent for the biometric capture with your Ghana card, GPS address, and unique code. To check if your registration is complete, kindly dial *400#. “B-Cap Yes” means you are fully registered. “Register to stay connected.”


Send this to any Airtel or MTN user to prevent future uncertainties since most people keep their money’s in their mobile money wallets.

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  1. I what did AirtelTigo did for their costumers si start of the exercise, they didn’t have center in kintampo and it environment

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