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The one-meal-a-day diet is a vital weight loss plan in which an individual consumes only one meal per day.

Per this plan, the individual will not eat or drink anything containing calories for most of the day.

It is a type of intermittent fasting.

It alternates long periods without consuming or drinking anything that contains calories with short time windows for eating.

The diet utilizes a type of intermittent fasting called 23:1.

What this means is that a person spends 23 hours of the day fasting, leaving just 1 hour per day to consume calories.

Majority of people who follow this diet consume their meal at dinner time, then fast again until the following evening.

However, some research trusted Source suggests that eating breakfast may aid glucose control later in the day and reduce the risk of type 2 diabetesTrusted Source.

Other researchTrusted Source however contradicts these conclusions, making suggestions that skipping breakfast may actually be a beneficial strategy for some people in managing overall calorie consumption.

For those who intend to consume breakfast and lose weight, learn which breakfast foods are best in this article.

What at all should a person eat on this diet?

There are several versions of the one-meal-a-day diet.

Some people suggest eating healthful, nutrient-rich foods, but most allow people to eat anything they want during their single meal.


People who follow the one-meal-a-day diet firmly believe that it offers numerous benefits which include;

1. People can lose weight rapidly.

2. The diet is easy to follow because there is no need to count calories

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3. One meal a day can aid in weight loss.


One study in a review suggests that intermittent fasting may help people lose weight, though the authors also warn of multiple risks, such as rebound body fat increases.

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