Sad News Hits Volta Region As 2 Dead And Five Others In Critical Condition-[SEE PHOTO]

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Thunder is one of the creatures of God. It also has it functions to play in the life of an individual. When i was young, i was taught that thunder is one of the natural sources of light to mankind. One the other hand, thunder can equally kill. The news from Volta Region this afternoon as confirmed by Kwadwo Dickson on Angel TV is very sad.

Kwadwo Dickson revealed that, seven young men in the Volta Region went to the farm. They decided to reach home early when they saw the clouds forming to rain. On their way, the unexpected happened. Thunder from above strikes all the seven farmers. Unfortunately, two of them died instantly and the remaining five farmers sustained terrible wounds and injuries.


The incident happened at a place called Abetime Zoepe Constituency in the Volta Region of Ghana. The five other farmers who survive from the thunder strike are in critical condition as they are responding to treatment. This is very sad. Others were of the view that, it might be a curse. Others also said, it can sometimes happened naturally.


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