MTN Ghana Sends Important Message To All Users-[CHECK OUT]

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Report PAULLINGUAL.COM convened has it that the MTN Ghana has warned all vendors, who charge customers a fee when they sell MTN airtime to them through the Electrical Virtual Distribution (EVD) system also known as credit transfer, will be sanctioned.

This is the latest development the portal picked up from the media for our cherished readers.

Also, MTN has reduced the purchasing of airtime through physical recharge cards for it consumers, and this has compelled this consumer to rather resort to using mobile money and EVD to load airtime.

According to the source, some vendors charge around 15 per cent of the amount of airtime that a customer buys through the EVD. This may sound a little cruel-looking at how scares money has been nowadays.

But according to MTN, vendors already make their profit from the transfer and for that matter, they are not expected to charge any extra amount from their consumers.

The General Manager of the Southern Regional Sales of MTN Ghana, Mr Abubakar Mohammed, said that the vendors who charge their consumer’s extra amount from EVD transfers shall be brought to order.

He said, “EVD agents are not to make any extra charges. Their fees are incorporated in the airtime they purchase from us. We give them a 5 per cent cut. And so customers are to get the exact amount they purchase. They should insist on what s due them. If a customer feels he is being cheated, there are avenues to seek redress. You can either call the shortcode 100 and complain or visit any of the MTN centres and report the vendor.”

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“Some of the actions we take when such complaints come before we is to warn the vendors to desist from them or block them from using our EVDs. Our aim is to protect the customer and ensure that they get value for whatever they buy,” Mr Abubakar said while speaking to the Citi news.


Vendors of MTN Ghana, therefore, advised refraining from such activities.

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  1. Thanks to management of MTN for such. It’s really true that suck charges go on as you buy credit on transfer.
    Kindly save us customers, but kindly always make credit scratch cards available every time. Thanks

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