First and Second Year Free SHS Students In Trouble for Doing Abortions on Campus

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The Management of Zamse Senior High School(SHS) in Bolgatanga the Upper East regional capital, has suspended two female students for committing abortions on campus.

According to Bolgatanga-based based Dreamz Fm, the students, one in First-Year one and the other in Second-Year 2 were suspected to be pregnant.

They were sent to the school’s clinic for a test and the results came out positive.

To confirm, the school sent the two pregnant girls to the Regional Hospital in Bolgatanga where all tests run on them also came out as positive.

However, when they returned to school and on the blind side of the school’s authorities, the two went for an abortion; an act the school considered as a breach of its rules and regulations, and immoral.

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The students were referred to the disciplinary committee of the school. The committee, according to the school’s authority, established that the students’ actions violated the school’s rules and regulations as well as the laws of Ghana and therefore, recommended for them to be suspended indefinitely.


Upon complying with the recommendations by the committee, the school announced the suspension of the students on Friday, May 28, 2021.

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  1. This is rubbish, what business is school authority with a student having abortion. When is Africa going to develop. So this children will grow without proper education.
    The system is not working

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