Evangelist Luther Afauah Arrested By Police Again

Evangelist Luther Afauah Arrested By Police Again
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The self Acclaimed social media Evangelist Luther Afauah who is popularly known as the Gon Gon beater has been arrested by the police in Bosome Freho in the Ashanti region for disobeying the orders of the chiefs and the Omanhene on the land.

According to information gathered by the media, he was earlier driven out by the community and after some years he returned as a Preacher. He started organising some of the citizens for communal labours. 

He started to preacher the gospel on social media with the popular name as THE GONGON BEATER FOR CHRIST with the slogan THE GOSPEL MUST GO. He termed himself as the FEARLESS PREACHER. 

After getting more followers, he started to help the needy. Among them were some with deformities. Some he assisted others too, after posting their videos and pictures on social media to generate money, they never heard from him again.

Later on, he started his former bad behavior of insulting elders of the community. It got to a point that the community couldn’t contain that habit again. So he was sermoned at Dadease palace in the Bosome Freho District. At that place, he pleaded not guilty of all the charges against him. Besides, he exhibited the highest level of arrogance and insubordination. 

The Paramount king in his great wisdom adjourned the case. But he gave this young man some orders that will ensure peace in the community before the final ruling.

First, he should not operate his Information System which is among the means he used to reach the community. Second, he cannot organize any meeting with his militants.

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But right from the palace, he went and abuse these two orders among them. He went to telecast a live Facebook presentation. 

And in the presentation, there were so many legal allegations. Some of the legal issues against him has caused the arrest of Mr. Luther Afawuah (THE GONGON BEATER FOR CHRIST, THE FEARLESS PREACHER, AND THE GOSPEL MUST GO MILITANT LEADER). The case is in the hands of the police.


Written By: Henry Donkor

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