DRAMA: “You Will Suffer & Die Before Your Time”-  Young Lady Cursed Her Boyfriend After She Caught Him Cheating On Her- [WATCH]

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A young Ghanaian lady probably between the ages of 18 and 25 years old has been recorded on camera cursing her boyfriend after she caught him cheating on him. If you watch the video carefully, you can see that the lady was given a hint that her boyfriend is having fun with another woman in his room. As a result of this, she took a female friend to follow her so that she records everything on camera.

They were seen climbing a staircase as the guy seems live in a storey building. After getting to the door, the lady slowly opened the door and saw her boyfriend with another lady in his room. The new girlfriend was afraid so she run and hide and stood behind the guy. She was afraid that her old girlfriend will beat her. The lady was overheard in the video saying this to her boyfriend, “Shame on you, this is what you have been doing when I am not around”. The guy replied to his old girlfriend by saying, “Get out of my room!”.

He then pushed started his girlfriend and the other out of his room. The girlfriend angrily replied to him saying, “God will punish you. Do you think you can use me and dump me? You will suffer and become poor in this life. You will never see happiness in your life. You will suffer and die before your time”.

Some social media users after coming across this video said that this is the reason ladies must wait for men to marry them before they start sleeping with them. The guy has probably slept with her several times and it is now painting her that he has dumped her for another woman.

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