Drama Erupts As Bride And Groom Fall Off Stage While Dancing On Wedding Day- [WATCH VIDEO]

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A wedding is often considered one of the most important days in a person’s life. To make it extra special people add little drama and dance to it.

Several videos go around the internet which shows the bride and groom dancing together making the day memorable. One such video went viral over the internet but has a little twist in it.

Bride and groom fall off stage while dancing on wedding day

The video shows the bride and groom dancing together in their wedding attires. Dancing slowly, the crowd cheers and applauds them.

The duo stares into each other’s eyes while matching steps simultaneously. They make their final move by the bride bending and falling into the groom’s arm for the historic romantic step.

But what causes a scene was the bride losing balance and trembling over along with the groom.

Luckily, no injury was suffered by the couple and they took the moment quite lightly.

The video has gone viral since it was shared on Instagram a few days ago. As of now, it has amassed more than 1000 likes and over 20k views.

Besides, it has also accumulated a number of comments from people. Many users commented on the video with laughing emojis and asked the groom if the bride was ‘overweight’.



Watch the video below :


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