Drama As Thief Leaves Emotional Note After Stealing From A Policeman’s House

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Bhopal: Thief Leaves Emotional Note of Apology After Stealing Gold and Valuable Items from SAF’s Jawans Residence.

In a very unexpected incident, a police officer returned to meet his house empty but the thief who stole his belongings left a note of apology behind asking for his forgiveness.

While stealing valuables from the home of the policeman , the thief left behind an apology letter stating that he was committing the act to save a friend’s life and will return the stolen money, police said on Tuesday.


The theft occurred at the home of a policeman, who works in Chhattisgarh, while his family lives in Bhind city, assistant sub-inspector (ASI) Kamlesh Katare of Kotwali police station said.

According to the police, the thief left behind a letter stating, “Sorry friend, it was a compulsion. If I had not done this, then my friend would have lost his life. Don’t worry, as soon as I get the money, I will return it” .

The policeman’s wife and children had left for a relative’s place on June 30, and after returning home on Monday night, they found that the locks of the rooms had been broken and things were lying scattered, the official said.

The thief stole some silver and gold ornaments, he said, adding that it is suspected some acquaintance of the family was involved in the act.


A case has been registered in this regard and further investigation is underway, the official said.


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