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The issue of frequent Urination is very common and cannot be overemphasized because many people are dealing with it. Some people have frequent Urination problems due to more serious medical problems such as diabetes and bladder Related issues. But then, many people seem not to understand the difference or the gap between frequent Urination and normal Urination.

So in this article in line with a publication on Cleveland Clinic, we are going to have a look at how many times a person or let’s say, a healthy person should urinate in a single day. Just sit tight and enjoy this article while learning something new.

How Many times should A Person Urinate in A Day?

According to research, a healthy person that is not drinking much fluids should urinate between six to nine times in a space of 24 hours. Urinating more than this doesn’t mean you have a health condition that requires attention, it could also mean that you are taking more water or fluids than the body needs thus the kidneys working harder to get rid of the excess water through urine.


So urinating more than nine or ten times in a day even without drinking much water could be termed or tagged frequent Urination and as such, requires some level of attention and tests conducted to know what’s really wrong with you.

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