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All there is to having Intimacy is about pleasure. Unlike married couples who do it because of the love they have for each other. Intimacy on it’s own entails the desire and pleasure a person wants, that is why people engage in intimate activities. In other to reach the amount of satisfaction a person wants, certain things are taken into consideration. Like the poses they position themselves in for better penetration and orgasm. Some of these positions are well known to almost everybody, and are considered the best poses ever for better satisfaction.

You might be wondering. What then is the best pose to achieve much satisfaction? The Doggystyle pose. This happens to be the most famous pose people like to try out, and with which they find really amazing. This intimate position allows better penetration during intimacy. It is not any complicated pose that people can not do, infact the pose provides more comfort compared to other poses.


Therefore while in this position, both counterparts have no face to face contact. There isn’t the need to look at each other, which allows both people to concentrate on pleasing themselves. Also, penetration is much deeper and more satisfying. Making this pose the best position for people during intimacy.


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