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As a boy or a man, you need a partner in your life and that is a girl or woman, without girls our lives on this earth are incomplete. In this case, we have to be careful the kind of girls we take as a girlfriend because not everything that glitters is good, we have to always make sure, we choose the rightful lady, we don’t have to wake up and then enter into a relationship, that is very wrong we have to be in courtship for some time in order to identify whether each of you possesses the acceptable qualities that can enable you to become husband and wife. People rush into a relationship and in the end, they start to blame themselves which is too late. There are also some people who find their true love but how to win their heart is the problem, so below are some ways by which you can win the heart of your girl or woman forever that she will not even think of leaving you:

1. Give her attention.

Girls, all they need is attention, if you really want to make your woman feel better then you have to give her your time because no woman on this earth will be happy without the attention from her husband or man. So, my dear men make your women happy by giving to them what they want.


2. Respect her view.

We have to respect the view of our ladies whether good or bad, maybe your lady brought up an idea which you as the man you don’t like, in this case, you don’t have to ignore her in a rude way because that is going to make her feel bad, rather you have to talk to her in a polite way for her to understand.

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3. Always make sure you share your problems with her.

There are certain things we have to always discuss with our wives, in order to find the best solutions for them, we don’t have to be hiding anytime from our women if we truly love them and also for the ladies we don’t have to be hiding anytime from our men if we truly love them.


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