Check Out How To Stop Bad Breath Permanently

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Bad breath is a discomforting and unpleasant odour that usually emanates from the presence of bacteria(the bacteria is known as Compound sulphur) in the mouth.

Bad breath is also medically known as Halitosis.

Someone who has a bad breath or Halitosis might not even be aware, people around you might notice it before you even do. The most obvious symptom of Bad breath is an offensive odour coming out from one’s mouth and one other way of noticing it is when you notice changes in taste or even an unpleasant taste in your mouth

Factors responsible for this omen are centred around dehydration, poor hygiene, and some underlying health factors.

One major cause of bad breath is poor oral hygiene.

And it has been estimated to affect every one out of four persons globally.



To get rid of this body menace permanently, you have to brush regularly at least twice a day, and sometimes immediately after a meal, flossing and hydration levels should also be at par, one should also quit tobacco smoking and always book an appointment with a Dentist to check your teeth regularly.

Close supervision and improvement of personal hygiene would curb the negative effects of bad breath in one’s lifestyle.(negative effects such as worry, self-denial, loss of confidence, etc)

Meanwhile, the constant checking of one’s breath to decipher if bad breath is present is a condition known as HALITOSIS.

Other rarer causes of bad breath include

Bowel obstruction




Aspiration Pneumonia.

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