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Most persons infected with HIV actually don’t realize it immediately. However, symptoms may appear anywhere from two to six weeks following infection. Your immune system will start to fight back at this point. Primary HIV infection is also known as acute retroviral syndrome.

According to Healthline, the symptoms are comparable to those of the flu and other viral infections. Usually, they just stick around for a week or two before dissipating. Many folks don’t experience any outward signs or symptoms. It’s possible that you’re infected with HIV and are unaware of it. HIV warning signals include:



•Muscle pain.

•Pain in the throat.

•Lymph node enlargement.

•A non-itchy red rash that typically appears on the torso or neck.

•Inexplicable weight loss.

•Purplish blotches on your skin that don’t go away.

•Problems breathing.

•Diarrhea that is both severe and persistent.

•Bleeding or bruises you can’t explain.

•Sores (ulcers) anywhere on the body, including the mouth, esophagus, anus, and genitalia


Please visit a doctor and request an HIV test if you have these symptoms and suspect you may have had contact with someone who is HIV positive within the prior two to six weeks. If you have no symptoms but are concerned that you may have been exposed to the virus, you should be tested.

Early testing is critical for two reasons. To begin, the concentration of HIV in your blood and other bodily fluids is extremely high right now. Because of this, it spreads quickly among people. Second, getting therapy right away may assist your immune system and decrease your discomfort.



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The Bottom Line.

Without treatment, AIDS patients have a median life expectancy of 3 years; this can be reduced further in the event of a secondary infection. However, HIV can be treated now. If you start on HIV medications, stay on them, follow your doctor’s advice, and keep healthy habits, you can live a long time.

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