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The rate of broken homes and divorce in our generation is really alarming. This is because people get married to their partner’s and begin to notice bad character they did not fish out during the relationship. Most people go into marriage and begin to cheat on their partners, thereby causing them pain, sadness and anger. Dear women, if your husband is cheating on you, here are ways to stop him from doing so.

1) Discover why he is cheating- The only way to deal with a problem is to discover the root of the problem. It is only when you discover why your husband is cheating that you can stop him from doing so. This is because a bad attitude or lack of concern towards him may be the cause as most people stop doing things that they were doing in the relationship when they get married.


2) Show him genuine love and concern- I know this is very difficult considering the nature of women. However, you need to try to show him love and concern. If possible, buy him gifts and be genuinely concerned with what goes on in his life. Care is so powerful that it can break the strongest of hearts. If you really want to get a man, show him undiluted care, because this is one of the things they may be making him close to his cheating partner.

3) Have a heart to heart talk with him –

While doing this, try to be calm and loving. He will definitely open up to you if you approach him the right way.

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4) Stop letting your misunderstandings stay till the next day-┬áIf you have a misunderstanding with your husband, make sure you thrash it out. Don’t be a nagging wife, because if you do so, he may leave the house and go back to his cheating partner.



5) Don’t sleep in different bedrooms- A husband and wife who sleeps in different bedrooms have already created the first bridge for themselves. This is why they can quarrel for one week without getting tired. Sleeping in the same bedroom helps you to be closer to your spouse both physically, spiritually and emotionally so you easily know when they are changing towards you.

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