Check Out 4 Workouts That Guarantee Better Sekz

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Among other things, it’s our s3xual lives that bear most of the brunt of our lazy selves.

With desk jobs and sedentary lifestyles keeping us from working our bodies, we’re beginning to feel older than we are.

If you’re in your twenties, it’s the best time to sculpt the dream body that you’ve been dreaming of.

And if you find old age catching up with you at an unholy pace, you, my friend, have got to pick that dumbbell and get moving.

Even if you just want to do workouts to be better in bed and have a better s3x life, it is never too late to start.

None of us signed up for a world of lazy couples who have lazy s3x. So, why not hit the gym and make sure that every s3xual encounter is better than the last one?

While you can improve your bodies for better health, there are also workouts for better s3x that you can try.

  • Run

Once you get into running, you’ll surely notice how magical cardio can be.

In addition to burning the calories from your incessant pizza cravings, it gets you firm legs that don’t give in irrespective of how athletic your bedtime ventures are.

Get wild and crazy in bed and you will surely start noticing the difference.

Start today, and watch huffing and puffing desperately with each thrust become a thing of the past

  • Stretching makes you flexible

For you athletic advocates of adventure out there, you’d want to read this carefully. While stretching is widely dismissed as an introduction to the real¬ workouts – mind you that it’s a very potent exercise in itself.

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There’s nothing more unfortunate than stopping mid-s3x because of a nasty sore or a cramp. How do you resolve them?

By doing the right stretches after working out.

Stretching lets you build flexibility that ensures uninterrupted s3x and easy transitions between your favourite s3x positions for maximum pleasure.

  • Work that butt

We can’t stress enough how important your butt is when it comes to s3x.

Don’t you scroll down thinking that your butt isn’t part of your bedtime ballet because irrespective of whether you put it to use actively or not, it is?

Even twerking can be a full-body workout. Who knew that?

Whether you wish to have firmer thrusts to please your woman or take control when on top of your man, squats are your new best friend, trust us.

Curate a routine that works your glutes for one of the best sex workout exercises.

  • Push-ups

Most of us are introduced to the world of working out through push-ups.

Focusing on your arms, your upper body, and your core, as well as push-ups, makes way for general strength, endurance, and arms that invariably cause double-takes.

Be regular with your workouts for better s3x and you will soon be able to toss her on the bed effortlessly for your steaming session!


The perfect workout before s3x will ensure you have better foreplay too.

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