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Conquering a woman is not something random, and for this, men must dedicate time and desire to capture their attention. This was confirmed by a survey which showed that it takes a heartthrob around 14 minutes to create a love text message.

Minutes that are multiplied if that is the first message you send. Insecurity, uncertainty, fear and even a bit of shyness are terrible advisers for seduction and if you are not completely convinced of what you want to capture in your message, you can spend hours trying to string together the sentences so that something nice and convincing comes out.

When you press send, a series of doubts and questions go through your head, which increase when you see the word “read” and the minutes pass and you do not get a response to your message.

i) Take a good look at what you write and how you write it.

Words like “hey” or phrases like “hello what are you doing” have a high level of failure in the conversation, since they do not convey any degree of exclusivity and are instantly ignored by the recipient. Likewise, the professional indicates that you cannot go to the other side and start with the phrase “hello pretty”, since that would be an excess of confidence that can reveal that you are only interested in her physique and nothing else. The idea that with the conversation she feels interesting, attractive and unique, but not only because of her physique.

ii) Bad writing and spelling problems are the worst cover letters.

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According to the media, the misspelling is similar to having bad breath, in a couple of seconds you permanently remove your candidate. For that reason, and no matter how in a hurry you are, before sending the message, check it well that it does not have errors. Another point that you should consider is the use of abbreviations, since as Ana Sierra says such a form of writing transmits laziness or disinterest. In the same way, the “hahaha” are a clear symptom of nervousness and insecurity, while the exclamation points are dispensable in these first steps: they are too graphic and somewhat pedantic.

iii) The sense of humor is key.

If you show yourself with a sense of humor and confidence, you have the view of the work already done, is what Ana Sierra affirms. After that, you have to sound positive, unique and incomparable. “The important thing is to awaken positive emotions in the girl that make her feel happy and excited when talking to you,” adds the psychologist.

iv) Be clear and do not victimize yourself.



A “hello” accompanied by a good phrase are more than enough to capture the interest of the other. And, preferably, that everything is in the same text block or divided into two. The fundamental rule of dating, defended by all experts in the area, points out that we have to try to make our starting conversation equal to a ping pong match, where the number of messages sent is equal to the total number of messages received. But, be careful because if you send a message, don’t be surprised that it takes more than 24 hours to answer it. There are even girls who can take a couple of days, but what should you do in that case? The first thing is to stop looking at the cell phone every five minutes.

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