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All the various parts in humans keep growing until adulthood and it is only natural to expect a significant increase in these parts with increasing maturity.

Everyone knows that as at the time when they were still children, most of their body parts including their internal organs which are not visible to them were smaller than their current size.

But unfortunately for some people, they may start to experience a decrease and shrinkage of these organs even after experiencing growth. An example of such organ with high susceptibility to shrinking after growth is the male private organ.

For whatever reason, a man’s genitalia will shrink and become exceedingly small. When this happens, it won’t just affect the man’s self-esteem, but it will most likely cause problems in his relationship. Therefore, guys need to know the reasons behind this unfortunate condition. According to Healthline, the following are some of the things that causes the male genitalia to shrink.

1. The Peyronie’ s Disease


The Peyronie’ s Disease is when certain actions put stress on the male genitalia, causing it to develop internal fibrous scar tissues. This causes the male private organ to bend significantly and become short. It also leads to curved and painful erections. According to Google, It is a chronic disease with over 100 thousand cases per year in Nigeria.

3. Habits


Some lifestyle habits can also affect the length of the male genitalia. whatever goes into your mouth plays a big role on your health. If you want to maintain the right size of your male genitalia, you need to watch what you eat or drink.

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According to medicalnewstoday, heavy smokers or drinkers who are male usually experience a reduction in the size of their private organ. This is so because certain chemical compounds contained in cigarettes and alcohol can cause injuries to the blood vessels in the male genitalia and this will prevent it from filling with blood and stretching. No matter the level of stimulus, if the blood vessels in the male genitalia are damaged, it will be unable to achieve an erection.

3. Weight gain


As you age, the effects of weight gain, especially on the abdomen, can be a cause for concern. For men, this type of weight gain can be exhausting and can take away your peace of mind. However, a man’s genitalia can also appear smaller due to an increase in weight. But in reality, it might just be an illusion.


The male private organ is attached to the wall of the abdomen and when your belly expands due to weight gain, it pulls the male genitalia inward, which is why the male private organ seem to appears smaller. The male private organ will return to its usual length and shape once those excess kilos are lost.

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