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Heart disease is a major problem in the western world and somehow it is gradually becoming common in Africa as well. It is one of the major killers and usually something people can prevent. You need to choose a healthy diet and avoid foods that commonly increase the risk of developing heart disease at some point in life.

While there are many theories over certain foods causing heart disease, there are only some that have been scientifically proven. In fact, some of the theories haven’t been proven at all yet, with some studies showing no effect at all. So, it’s time to get educated. It’s time to learn what you really need to either avoid or cut down on to help promote good heart health. Over the years, there has been the view that heart disease is hereditary. People believed that it was just part of getting older and there was nothing that could be done about it. Well, science has proven different.

While there is still a genetic element to it, it’s really all about what we eat. Yes, there are lifestyle elements that will make it worse and increase our risk, but it’s mostly about the food that we eat—more importantly, about the amount of cholesterol that we get in our body.

Foods to avoid to prevent heart diseases

1.Cut out fried foods as much as possible

There are healthier ways to cook your food. If you’re one of those who has deep fried eggs or chicken delicacy in your meals every time, then you want to rethink what you’re eating. Remember that oils have been linked in some way to high cholesterol levels and heart disease. The truth is that you need some oils, but you need to get the right ones in the right ways. This doesn’t mean you can use healthy lifestyle as an excuse to get your fried or fast food.

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Fried and fast food have been cooked in unhealthy, saturated vegetable oils. They’re also cooked in far more than you need, holding onto the fats that you then put into your diet. While they’re not necessarily making you obese, they are leading to clogged arteries and putting you at the risk of heart disease.

Cut out as much fast or fried food as possible. As I’ve said, there are healthier ways to cook your food. Instead of frying your meat or sausages, you can grill them. Switch the fried eggs for poaches and scramble them in just a teaspoon of olive oil.

2.Avoid canned Vegetables and fruits

Canned vegetables are commonly bought in stores. They are easy to get your nutrients and can be stocked up in bulk to keep the cost of your grocery shopping to a minimum. However, they can be bad for your heart. Now manufacturers are starting to look into the problems with their canned vegetables, but not everyone really cares. But wait, vegetables don’t have cholesterol, do they? Well, it’s not just the cholesterol that is causing the heart disease. It’s a major contributing factor, but there are other reasons for heart disease. High sodium levels are also something to watch out for, and canned vegetables tend to contain large amounts of salt.

Look out for cans that state they are low salt or have no added salt. Make sure you rinse them thoroughly to get rid of any salts that are there naturally. Frozen and fresh vegetables tend to be better for you. Freezing vegetables don’t get rid of the nutrients as much as some people believe, and they make it possible to stock up in the way that you would have with canned vegetables.

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3.Avoid the intake of Margarine

Margarine was introduced as a butter alternative. While it is certainly easier to spread, it’s nowhere near as good for your heart. There is far more cholesterol in margarine than there is in butter. And you know that it doesn’t even taste as nice as some freshly spread butter.

Margarine contains a lot of hydrogenated oils. In fact, it’s one of the most commonly consumed sources of trans fats, which just build up in the arteries and block them. You’ll end up with higher blood pressure levels and will be at a high risk of having a heart attack. To make it worse, the margarine is making your skin age quicker! If you’re not going to put your heart first, then make a switch from margarine for the sake of your skin!


There is some margarine created without the trans fat, which is something to consider. You’ll get some of your healthy oils through them. Another option is just to switch back to butter or cut it all out completely.

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