Check Out 18 Words You Should Never Search On Google And View Images-[CHECK OUT]

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Google is a well-known website that ranks first in the world according to Alexa. Without a doubt, Google is the first thing that comes to mind when we want to conduct a search or find the meaning of a word. But, surprise, there are some things we should never Google.

Whenever someone tells me not to visit a website, I do so without hesitation, regardless of the explicit warnings against visiting such a website. You could say I’m stubborn, but that’s the truth. I’m sure there are still people who will google these words to find out what they mean and even look at the images.

There are some things you should never type into Google’s search box. I can’t stop you if you try, but I won’t be held liable for your subsequent discomfort.

I’m going to list 18 words you should never search on Google, knowing full well that some of you will. Though some of you may not find them frightening or irritating. We are all human beings, and we are all unique. So, with that out of the way, let’s get started.

Google should never be used to search for these 18 words.

1. The clock spider

2. Mattress Bedbugs

3. A drenched koala

4. Tetris Fantastique

5. Relaxed Sundays

6. Blue Waffle

7. The Tub Girl

8. Fournier

9. Meatspinner

10. two girls and one cup

11. Cake farts

12. The skeleton in the closet

13. Look up pewdiepie.

14. Lemonade Party

15. Mr. Hands

16. Man is covered by bees.

17. Bosta

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18. Mouth larvae


Don’t be too eager to get to know them. I’m sure 90% of those reading this will type these words into Google just to see what happens.

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