You Have No Authority To Install A Chief At Esumeja – Dormaahene Sends Strong Warning To Otumfuo Again- [WATCH VIDEO]

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Osaagyefo Oseadeeyo Agyemang Badu II, Dormaahene, issued a strong warning to Otumfuo Osei Tutu II, Asantehene, following the installation of a chief at Esumeja – a sub-chief in the Ashanti Region under the jurisdiction of Dormaa.

According to Dormaahene, many people tend to misunderstand him whenever he tries to correct the history between Bono and Asanteman because it has been distorted for a very long time.

He said, Otumfuo was wrong with his recent installation of a chief of Esumeja because the Ashantehene has no authority to do so given that his jurisdiction does not extend to the people of Esumeja.

He noted that, insofar as he remains the Dormaahene, he and the people of Dormaa will not allow the Asantehene to select a non-royal to be a chief over his people at Esumeja.


“…we moved from Nsawam to Obo, from Obo to Esumeja, from Esumeja to Kwumawu [Adiebayi], from Adiebayi to Suntreso, from Suntreso to Banso, from Banso to Titinbepo, from Titinbepo to Domawidemu, from Domawidemu to Abesim, from Abesim to Gyaman and then to Cote d’Ivoire.

He continued: “Dormaahene came back from Cote d’Ivoire to Abesim because he left some of his people behind when the people settled at Abesim – meaning chewing of kola as I wait from my people…

Dormaahene and Asantehene
Dormaahene and Asantehene : Oseadeeyo Agyemang Badu and Otumfuo Osei Tutu

“…Nana, our people that we left at Esumeja; it seems to me that you feel there is no royal among them, therefore, you acted on your own volition and selected someone to the be chief of Esumeja.

“What is even appalling is that, when he was taking the oath of office, because he was not a royal, he could not mention any of his ancestor’s names and he claims to be Esumejahene?” Nana Agyemang Badu II quizzed in a viral video available to GhanaWeb.

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He added, “Nana, the people of Dormaa – being the eldest of the Aduana clan – we will not preside over such illegality; in fact, this cannot work. Someone will ask, Nana you are in Bono and they are in Asante, how can say that you won’t allow this to work?

“First of all, I want everyone to understand that I am the first born of the Aduana clan…and I am telling you that what you did at Esumeja is illegality and not the tradition…Nana, imagine that Dompim stool is vacant and they need someone to become Dompimhene, do you think I have the right to select Dompimhene?

“…We had great chiefs like the chief of Mampong, Kwumawu; why would they sit for Otumfuo to perpetuate such illegality?…how does the Esumejahene that you enstooled know that he is a royal? Does he know how his forebearers occupy that stool that he sits on today? Our people are still at Esumeja and the people of Dormaa still occupy the Esumeja stool; those in Dormaa will not even agree if we don’t claim the Esumeja stool.”

“With all due respect to Otumfuo, what you did was wrong, you have no authority to install a chief at Esumeja…regarding what you did, we sit here at the Palace of Dormaa and send out this warning that we do not agree; in fact, we cancel what you did. This is wrong and cannot happen.

“I will not leave it here, but rather I will follow up, go to whatever length and make sure that we don’t lose our heritage, our history.

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“Have you heard that the Obo stool has been taken from us? Have you heard where we stayed before settling at Dormaa, the stool has been taken from us? So, how come some chief someone will try and claim the stool that is rightfully ours?”

He urged Mamponghene and the queen mother of Asanteman to advise her son to rescind this illegality that he has made.

“I am pleading with Mamponghene and especially the Queen Mother of Manhyia to advise her son because he has stepped beyond his territory and I won’t forgive if you step beyond your territory and enter into mine…,” a concerned Osagyefo Oseadeeyo Agyemang Badu II said.

He continued: “When you are installing your chiefs, I don’t come closer but when the people of Dormaa are installing their chiefs, you are in a hurry to come close; with this, you did not act well. The one installed as Esumejahene should understand that, we don’t know him as a royal from Dormaa, so, he cannot hold himself as Esumejahene…else, we will take serious action against him. We don’t want anybody to suffer because of an act of illegality.

“…I am given you a two-week ultimatum, if I don’t hear anything I will go to Esumeja myself, and meet with my people; if anybody thinks we don’t royals, they are wrong. We still have royals at Esumeja, even if we don’t get a royal to occupy the Esumeja stool, I will send a royal from Aduana to occupy that stool…”

Dormaahene later called on Otumfuo to come and help the people of Dormaa in developing their community because every chief was enstooled to ensure that their community develops.

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